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Are you a lover of our potbellied pals? There are lot of people out there who have always wanted to have a pig as a pet! Pigs are adorable, affectionate, intelligent creatures who have pretty specific needs and wants, and when they have the right living conditions, can be wonderful pets.

Unfortunately, there are often myths perpetuated by breeders and the media that convince pig lovers that their new friend will stay below 50 pounds. These myths lead to poor health for the pigs, and sadly, increase the numbers of homeless pigs that end up in shelters like Lollypop Farm. Check out our pig facts below, and try the diagram to see if a pig would fit well with your lifestyle!

Pigs are smart, affectionate animals that have very specific needs.
  1. “Teacup” or “mini pigs” are really just baby potbellied pigs or mixes. Sadly, some pig breeders share misinformation instructing owners to underfeed their pigs. While this keeps the pigs small, it leads to health issues that can be extremely harmful.
  1. Pigs require a large amount of space to roam, snuffle, dig, and root around. In fact, these are some of their favorite pig activities! Pigs love using their snouts for rooting and foraging.
While baby potbellied pigs are oh-so-cute, they don’t stay small forever!
  1. Pig skin is very sensitive to the sun and they can get sunburns just like people. Since they can’t sweat, pigs like to wallow in the mud to stay cool and protect their skin. At Lollypop Farm, we actually put sunscreen on some pigs to protect their pink skin!
  1. A healthy potbellied pig can grow to weigh 80 – 180 pounds. Many pigs brought to Lollypop Farm are surrendered because they grew too big for the home they were living in.
  1. A healthy potbellied pig can live to be between 12 – 15 years old.
Think a potbellied pig might be the right pet for you?
  1. Pigs are fast runners! They can also be good swimmers in shallow water.
  1. Pigs love being with other pigs. When they sleep, pigs like to cuddle close together to keep each other warm.

Have you always wanted a pet potbellied pig? Check out the diagram below to see if a pig would be the perfect pet for you, or if your lifestyle just doesn’t fit the needs of a potbellied pal. For more information about adopting a potbellied pig, contact our Farm Manager, Joanna Dychton, at or 585-223-1330 ext. 266.

Potbellied Pigs Infographic

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