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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Be Kind to Animals Week is May 3 – 9 this year, and we’ve invited school children all around the greater Rochester area to help us celebrate! Kids K – 12th grade got creative at home this year and helped spread the word about being kind to pets in our community by creating works of art about animals. We love all of these submissions so much, and thank each and every one of you who participated!

Here are just a handful of our favorite pieces – the complete art show can be viewed here.

This delightfully colorful piece was created by Andrew Tran, who is a second grader at Northwood Elementary. We love his use of color and shapes, and really appreciate that he is promoting kindness towards all kinds of animals, from household pets to wild creatures!

Damian Mesh, a fifth grader also from Northwood Elementary, really thought outside of the box with this awesome three-dimensional piece of art! His message of kindness towards animals is inspiring, as is his creativity!

We are blown away by the beauty of this horse-themed piece by Delilah Carbonaro, a fifth grader from Quest Elementary! It’s wonderful to see local kids spreading the word about kindness towards horses and other farm yard friends. We love Delilah’s use of texture for the horse’s hair and coats!

Creating artwork at home really allowed some kids to get creative with their medium. Eric Glusing, a seventh grader from Wilink Middle School, created a digital piece of art that promotes pet adoptions. We’re huge fans of this piece, and thank Eric for helping us spread the word about adopting homeless pets!

How adorable is this stripey cat, created by Lydia Tasber, a Kindergartener from Geneseo Elementary School? In addition to a great message about treating animals with kindness, Lydia has also chosen to give the cat a collar with an identification tag—an inspiration for all responsible pet owners!

We thoroughly enjoyed looking through each and every submission for the Be Kind to Animals Digital Art Show, and thank every talented artist who sent in their work! We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork as much as we did, and feel inspired by their messages about being kind to animals of all types.

Explore the complete Be Kind to Animals Digital Art Show here.

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