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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Since this period of social distancing began, we at Lollypop Farm have been brainstorming ways to keep pet owners (and pets!) in our community happy, healthy, and entertained. One such creative outlet we’ve introduced is Fetch A Sketch, a digital art collaboration between community members, their pets, local artists, and staff/volunteers at Lollypop Farm!

Fetch A Sketch lets you support the care for homeless pets at Lollypop Farm by making a donation in the amount of your choosing, submitting a photo of your pet, and waiting to see if you get a professional-quality piece of art from a local artist, or a hilarious rendering if your pet from a slightly less qualified “artist’ at Lollypop Farm! Many submissions have come in so far, and we’ve compiled just a handful of our favorites to share with you.

Christy F. is one of the local artists volunteering her time to create pet portraits! We LOVE her rendition of Cami the greyhound!
The original photo submitted by Cami’s owner.
Here’s the finished piece of art, how spectacular!

While some of the artists creating pet masterpieces may not be professionals, their creations are still SO cute and full of joy! Take a look at this photo of Pancake and Pinecone, two local pups, and the funny sketch that was created for them by a Lollypop Farm staff member!

Here’s the original photo of Pancake and Pinecone that was submitted for Fetch A Sketch.
And here is the finished product! We just love their smiles!

We’ve loved seeing the creativity that we’ve been seeing so far in both the photo submissions, and the pieces of artwork that are being created! Take a look at this beautiful drawing of a gorgeous feline friend named Tally Ho!, created by a local artist!

This is Tally Ho!’s original photo, submitted by her owner.
This is Tally Ho’s portrait! We just love the sparkle in her eyes!

We’ve had so much fun seeing the submissions of artwork that our staff and volunteers have been creating. This ridiculous doodle of Milo, a local chihuahua, made us positively laugh out loud!

Here’s Milo’s original photo, compared to his silly doodle!

At the end of the day, whether you receive a professional-quality piece of art or an adorably charming doodle, the donation you made to the Fetch A Sketch fundraiser in the amount of your choosing is going directly towards the care for the hundreds of pets still at Lollypop Farm and in our Foster Care Program. During these difficult and uncertain times, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you a little joy through creative outlets like Fetch A Sketch, and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support for pets in need in our community. Thank you!

Submit a photo to the Fetch A Sketch fundraiser today:

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Learn more about other ways you can support pets in need at Lolllypop Farm:

Full credit for this idea goes to our amazing animal welfare colleagues at BARCS Animal Shelter and Wisconsin Humane Society.