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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

It happens in the blink of an eye. You open the door to go out and get the mail, and your pup spies a squirrel and takes off. Or you’re having a party and your cat slips out the door without anyone noticing. We want to believe that it can’t happen to us, but HomeAgain, a company specializing in microchip identification for pets, estimates that 1 in 3 pets will be lost at some point in their lives. Luckily, Rochester has a supportive community to help distressed owners reunite with their furry friends. We call these heroes, Lollypop Spotters.

You can help pets reunite with their families. Head over to the Lollypop Spotters Facebook page and become a Spotter today.

In 2012, the Facebook page was launched as a means to help lost pets find their way home. The group, managed by Lollypop Farm staff, posts pictures of stray pets brought to Lollypop Farm and helps members of the community get the word out when their beloved pet goes missing. The group also provides critical information on the Lollypop Farm website to help pet owners find a lost pet or prevent their pet becoming lost.

“Each year, Lollypop Spotters receives thousands of reports of lost pets or strays found in Rochester and surrounding areas,” says Laura Burton, Guest Services Manager at Lollypop Farm. “Especially in the early spring – we’ll likely see the numbers of reported lost and found pets increase dramatically.”

When Charlie was reported missing in April, Lollypop Spotters sprang into action and spread the word to over 200,000 people to help ensure his safe return to his family.

But these numbers don’t discourage the group’s followers – over 13,000 of them! These dedicated community members play an important role in helping pets return home. Like when Charlie went missing. Thanks to the Lollypop Spotters sharing his post, over 20,000 members of the Rochester community were made aware he was missing. “It’s the same concept as putting up community flyers,” says Laura. “It helps put our neighbors on the lookout for a missing pet in their area, increasing the chances for that pet’s safe return.” We’re happy to report that Charlie was reunited with his family.

Want to become a Lollypop Spotter and help pets reunite with the families who love them?  It’s easy! Head over to the Lollypop Spotters Facebook page and click like to start seeing posts. Then share, like, and keep an eye out for pets in your area. It’s that simple.

Pro tip: Go to the main page and hover over following to select the “See first” option. That way you’ll be sure to see posts consistently even if your Facebook feed is very busy.