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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Sometimes seemingly simple things can make the biggest difference.

When Whisper, a one-year-old black-and-white dog, came to Lollypop Farm, she was in very poor condition. She was emaciated, could not stand on her own, had a severely swollen left eye, wounds, and there was concern of head trauma. The staff at the Lollypop Farm Klingenstein Veterinary Clinic got to work quickly to attempt to save Whisper’s life. Medication was given to Whisper, through a syringe pump over about 30 minutes, to reduce swelling caused by the head trauma. After the swelling was reduced, Whisper’s other wounds and ailments could begin to be treated.

Whisper’s life was saved because of one simple gift, a syringe pump. Lollypop Farm Medical Director Dr. Cristina Cadavieco was able to purchase this tool thanks to a gift from local animal lover Don Robins.“Every day there are advancements in the veterinary field that can give more animals a second chance at a better life. Even the smallest gift can make a big difference in the care we can provide our community’s animals,” he stated. “Every gift has a major impact when helping a pet in need.”

The syringe pump allows veterinary staff to give medications intravenously over a time set by programming it into the pump. While this may seem like a simple tool, the pump allows the technician to set the medication rate and be able to walk away to help the next patient. Without it, the technician must sit and push the medication manually. The pump is not only a lifesaving tool for the pet receiving medication, but it also enables our team to help even more animals needing veterinary care.

With treatment, medications, and time, Whisper slowly improved. Her swollen eye could not be saved, but her indestructible spirit prevailed. Whisper has since been taken in by Clancey’s Dream Border Collie Rescue, where she has nearly 40 acres to run and play in. Whisper’s recovery is made possible thanks to Don and animal lovers like you who know the importance of each and every gift.