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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Lilly was brought to Lollypop Farm, her fur was matted and it was clear she was in need of veterinary care.

11-year-old Lilly, a Cairn Terrier mix, was brought to Lollypop Farm in January in a very sad state.

Lilly’s fur was full of thick, dirty mats containing bits of debris. She was suffering and in clear need of veterinary intervention. Our team jumped into action to help this dog in need.

Much of Lilly’s fur had to be shaved off to remove the matts, which were just too tight to comb out. After a bath (or two), her original beige color began to show through! Her eyes were treated for conjunctivitis, and upon running her bloodwork, the veterinary team discovered that Lilly was suffering from a pneumonia and hypothyroidism. They initiated a treatment plan right away. Little by little, Lilly’s condition started to improve.

You can help make second chances like this possible by donating to the Tails of Hope Telethon today.

Lilly was stressed out by noises and other dogs in the kennels. She needed to spend some quiet time away while she recovered. Lilly has started spending her afternoons in the office of our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen. Here she can relax in a quiet environment and get lots of extra love. She greets everyone who walks by the office with a bark and an excited wiggle!

Lilly is still receiving veterinary care at the shelter, and continues to improve every day. Soon she will be ready for adoption, and will be able to find the happy home she so deserves. Second chances like this are only made possible with the continued support from animal lovers like you.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Lilly is feeling much better and is well on her way to finding a home!

Every year, thousands of homeless and abandoned pets like Lilly are brought to Lollypop Farm, often in need of lifesaving care. You can give them hope. Tune in for our Tails of Hope Telethon on Saturday, March 2, and make a donation today to support pets in need of lifesaving care.

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