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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

There are so many reasons to consider adopting a rat, mouse, guinea pig, or other type of small animal! In fact, we’ve compiled our top 5 reasons in this blog post. A tiny friend might just make a big difference in your life!

Little pets can be a lot of fun!

1. Small Animals Can Be Very Intelligent

It’s true! Rats are especially smart little critters who can be litter trained, learn tricks, and even recognize their owners. Pets like mice, rats, rabbits, etc., need mental stimulation just like you do! They enjoy challenges like seeking out treats in a cardboard maze, which is a fun project to try with your small pet at home. They love things like ropes, tubes, tunnels, and wheels – anything that can be climbed upon or scurried under.

Small pets often enjoy socializing with their people.

2. They can be cuddly

It’s a common misconception that small pets like rats aren’t be loving. Any rat owner will tell you how strong their bond is with their pet! In fact, rats make great pets for families with kids that may not be quite right for a dog or a cat. They have unique personalities, can be litter trained, and are often happily handled and cuddled. Small animals like rats actually crave socialization just like other types of pets!

Rats love to have a buddy! If you’re considering adopting a rat, think about how much more fun it would be to have two.

3. Tiny critters = endless entertainment

Whether you’re building a cardboard castle for your small pet, or watching them exercise on a spinning wheel, there’s lots of fun to be had with a rat, hamster, guinea pig, or other type of small pet. Rabbits, for example, like to play! They especially like games that relate to their natural behaviors, like toys that they can toss around and chew, or enrichment activities that let them work for their treats and feel mentally stimulated. A fun activity to try at home is building a playground for your pet mouse. A cardboard box can become a mouse playhouse with the addition of paper towel tubes, a wheel, bedding materials, and hidden treats for them to seek out.

4. They are relatively easy to care for!

Caring for small pets is actually pretty easy. They are a great option for people living in apartments or homes that don’t allow for bigger pets! Rats require right around two cubic feet of cage space per rat, if you’re keeping two or more together (and rats do enjoy having a buddy). Enclosures for rats, mice, guinea pigs, and other small pets should be cleaned frequently to ensure their health and comfort, and access to fresh water, food, and enriching toys is essential. As we mentioned before, rats are surprisingly clean pets that can be trained to use a litter box! Questions about how to care for a small pet? Feel free to give us a call at 585-223-1330 before adopting to make sure you will be able to give your new furry friend everything they need.

Keeping your small pet’s enclosure clean and well stocked with fresh water, food, and nesting materials is essential to ensuring their health and happiness.

5. You’ll be giving a homeless pet a second chance

Small animals are among the many pets who are waiting at the shelter for new homes, and sometimes they have a long wait. Here at Lollypop Farm, we have seen mice in our small animal adoption center wait almost a year before finding a happy home. If a fun, furry, friendly little companion is what you’re seeking, stop by the shelter today! Adoption counselors at Lollypop Farm get to know all of the small pets in our care, and can help you find just the right pet for your lifestyle.

Meet small animals available for adoption: