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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When a concerned citizen in East Rochester came upon a domestic rabbit under their deck in mid-February, it was clear that the rabbit was in need of care. Unsure of what to do, they brought the rabbit to a local fire department, where she was then picked up by Animal Control. Shortly afterward, she was brought to Lollypop Farm, and we were shocked to see the condition of this rabbit, who we named Claira.

“This was the worst case of ear mites in a rabbit we had ever seen,” said Dr. Ann Marie McNamara, Veterinarian at Lollypop Farm. “Ear mites aren’t too uncommon, but they are unique in rabbits in that they cause scaly dermatitis that can become very severe.” Our veterinary team jumped into action to help this rabbit, who had clearly been suffering for some time.

Rabbit with scaly dermatitis
Claira arrived at Lollypop Farm in a very sad state.

Claira’s ears, neck, and face were missing fur, dry, and terribly irritated, and the infestation of ear mites was quite severe. It had reached beyond her ears and into surrounding areas. Claira was also very thin and ate enthusiastically when given nutritious food.

Rabbit eating out of bowl
After receiving treatment in the veterinary clinic at Lollypop Farm, Claira’s condition began to improve.

Claira responded well to treatment in our clinic, and after just a few weeks, was starting to look (and feel) so much better! While she was still missing quite a bit of fur, her skin cleared up nicely, and we could finally see her bright eyes.

Claira finally became available for adoption in late March. Her fur had grown back, her ears were able to move freely again, and her outlook was bright. Thanks to the support from friends like you, this lucky rabbit found a family, is now in a happy home, feeling great. After everything Claira has been through, she finally has a wonderful home, lots of healthy rabbit snacks, and all of the love a bunny could ever want.

Rabbit sitting on towel
Your support makes transformations like Claira’s possible.

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