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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

You love your pet! There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them. Whether it’s buying them their favorite food or cuddling on the couch with them for just a little while longer even when you’re already running late. Their your best friend, your family. But we also know you’ve had that moment, when you’re looking deep in their eyes wondering….what are you really thinking?

Humane Education Manager, Kim Ferris Church is excited to help pet lovers create closer bonds with their pets by providing a new series of classes at Lollypop Farm.

“Discovering new things about our furry friends helps create even stronger connections with them,” says Humane Education Manager, Kim Ferris-Church. “And that’s just what we’re trying to create through our new education programs.” Geared towards adult learning, we’re excited to begin offering a new series of classes to help animal lovers to discover new things they may not have known about their pets.

The first class in the series, Dogs 101: Reading Your Dog’s Behavior and Basic Training focuses on creating a deeper understanding of what our K9 companions are trying to tell us and enhancing how we communicate with them. The class will be run by Behavior and Training Manager, Rebecca Lohnes, the only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in Rochester and will help owners better understand some of their pet’s more quirky behaviors.

Classes like Dogs 101 focus on learning how to enhance communication between you and your dog.

But Kim assures us there will be something for everyone. “Classes in this series can cover a wide range of topics and types of pets. The possibilities are endless!”

One up-coming class that Kim is particularly excited to begin offering is pet CPR. “Growing up, I was a lifeguard at my local YMCA, and so first-aid and CPR have always been very important skills to me,” she explains. “My pets are family to me. Knowing these life-saving skills for them is just as important as they would be for any other member of my family.” Kim is trained to not only teach pet first-aid and CPR but to train others to teach. Excited to bring these skills to the community, employees are now being trained and classes will soon become available on a regular basis.

Interested in learning about upcoming classes and events? Check our calendar or follow us on Facebook to see what’s coming up at Lollypop Farm.