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Mother and Daughter Charlotte and Shannon reunited!

When Brandi and Matt first saw Charlotte in her kennel at Lollypop Farm, there wasn’t a doubt in their minds that she was meant to be part of their family. Little did they know, Charlotte had a family of sorts too, and soon they would all be brought together!

Charlotte, a 1-year-old pit bull mix had been transferred to Lollypop Farm from another shelter with her mother Shannon, a 3-year-old pit mix. These two sweet pups waited for their new families in adjacent kennels, and Charlotte was the first of the two to find her people. “The moment I fell in love with Charlotte was when we were out in the court yard with her,” said Brandi, Charlotte’s adopter. “She jumped up on the bench and started to cuddle me!”

Brandi and Matt brought their dogs to Lollypop Farm to meet with Charlotte and see if she would be a good fit. The meet and greet went swimmingly! Matt shared this photo of Charlotte when he first saw her, and later the second photo on her ride to her new home.

Matt and Brandi just knew Charlotte would be the perfect addition to their family.

But, Charlotte’s happy tail doesn’t end there. When Brandi and Matt adopted her, they had no idea that just days later, one of their friends would adopted Shannon, Charlotte’s mom! A few Instagram posts was all it took for the friends to realize the serendipity of their equally happy adoptions. They knew they had to plan a play date for Charlotte and Shannon right away. At first, Shannon was unsure of the situation and acted shy. But she quickly warmed up, and from that point on wouldn’t leave Charlotte’s side! The pair had so much fun running around in the backyard and napping together on the couch.

Shannon and Charlotte were so happy to see each other again!
Many more play dates are in store for these happy pups.

“We felt so blessed to have her, and let her be reunited with her mom,” said Brandi. “I still can’t get over that one of my friends adopted Shannon!” Brandi and Matt plan on many more play dates for this furry family.

Charlotte with her new furry family!

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