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When Niko first arrived at Lollypop Farm, he was missing quite a bit of fur.

When Niko first arrived at Lollypop Farm in April, this 10-year-old American Eskimo mix was in a poor state. He was more pink than white – he was missing most of his fur due to irritating skin allergies. His nails were so long they had started to grow into the pads of his feet, and he was suffering from painful untreated ear infections.

Despite his condition, Niko was a happy fellow!

Niko spend four long months at Lollypop Farm while he healed. He started treatments for his skin condition, ear infections, and enjoyed some much-needed grooming. Little by little, Niko’s skin started clearing up, but it still wasn’t clear whether his fur would ever grow back entirely.

We could tell by Niko’s smile on his adoption day that he was in for a happy life!

When Jeff came to Lollypop Farm looking for a companion, something drew him to Niko. He didn’t care that he looked a little different from the other dogs, or that he was missing large chunks of fur – the two fell in love! Jeff adopted Niko through the Seniors-for-Seniors program, in which adopters 60 years or older can bring home pets 6 years or older for free. It was clear from their first moments together that Niko was in for a happy life.

Jeff sent us a letter about Niko and a few photos recently, and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Not only does Niko have the biggest smile imaginable, but he’s FURRY again! “He’s such a good dog,” says Jeff, “and he deserves to be smiling 24/7!”

Niko out for a stroll in his favorite local park.
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