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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Tuesday, May 5, was #GivingTuesdayNow – a global initiative to raise funds for nonprofit organizations during this uncertain time. As an animal shelter that receives no government support, Lollypop Farm relies on the support of friends like you to continue providing lifesaving care and services for Rochester’s pets in need. On this day of giving, our community rallied around the story of Enzo, a puppy recently admitted to Lollypop Farm, and raised nearly $6,000 in support of pets like him!

Our team in the clinic began the process of repairing Enzo’s fractured front legs, and he was such a good patient.

Enzo was just 11-months-old when he was admitted to Lollypop Farm in early April. This tiny puppy was in rough shape – he had fractures in both of his front legs that had already begun healing, and it was clear that he had been in pain for quite some time. Despite the ongoing pandemic, pets like Enzo can still get the help they desperately need thanks to the dedicated team at Lollypop Farm and an incredibly supportive community.

The veterinary team went to work, splinting Enzo’s legs and beginning the process of repairing his poorly-healing factures. In order to ensure his continued progress, Enzo needed to be closely monitored in a foster home under crate rest for several weeks. Lollypop Farm staff member Rachel stepped up to the challenge, and brought little Enzo home for the duration of his time in foster!

Rachel made sure that Enzo got to enjoy the nice spring weather, while not exerting himself too much!

Like so many other pets currently at Lollypop Farm in various stages of veterinary care, the cost of Enzo’s compassionate and quality care was high. When nonprofit organizations around the world launched the concept of Giving Tuesday Now, we decided to share Enzo’s story with our friends and followers in an effort to raise essential funds for pets like him, who despite the uncertainty of this time, still need us to step up and make their second chances possible. Your generosity ensures that pets like Enzo will continue to receive the care they need.

We asked our community to show their support for pets like Enzo, and even in these uncertain times, they rose to the challenge!

After spending several weeks in foster care with Rachel, Enzo’s splints finally came off, and this puppy was able to start acting like the spunky young dog he really was! In the first weekend of May, Enzo became available for adoption, and in no time at all, found a happy home. We can’t thank our community enough for raising the funds to support care for pets like him, even in a time of great uncertainty. It is the generosity of friends like you that we can continue to provide services for Rochester’s pets in need. Thank you!

In early May, Enzo was adopted. He’s feeling great, thanks to support from friends like you.

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