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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Tuesday, October 29, was #NationalCatDay! Although we like to think of every day as National Cat Day at Lollypop Farm, yesterday was a particularly special day that resulted in the reunification of a much-loved cat and the family who had been missing him for three whole years.

Flynn, a six-year-old orange cat, came to Lollypop Farm in early October because his previous home was no longer a good fit. He immediately became a staff favorite with his calm demeanor, love of cat naps in the sun, and affinity for chin scratches. This wasn’t the first time this 22-pound feline friend had been at Lollypop Farm – way back in 2016, a younger Flynn had been brought to the shelter as a stray. A concerned citizen found him wandering around a Sunoco gas station in Marion, NY, and brought him to us in the hopes that this seemingly homeless feline might find a good home.

Flynn had first been brought to Lollypop Farm as a stray in 2016.

Flynn had then been adopted by his most recent owners, and found his way back to Lollypop Farm yet again this month.

In celebration of National Cat Day yesterday, we decided to throw a tiny cat party in the Day Lily Cat Adoption Center, and Flynn donned a kitty cat party hat in celebration. His photo was shared on Lollypop Farm’s social media as a way to encourage followers to share with us how they were celebrating the special day with their feline family members at home.

The post featured Flynn in a cute party hat, and asked followers to share pictures of their cats at home.

When the photo went up on our Facebook page at noon, a follower named Shelby M. immediately recognized Flynn! His name was actually Simba, and she knew right away that he was the cat she had sadly lost three years ago in Marion. Shelby rushed to the shelter and was able to show our adoption counselors proof of ownership. She brought Simba back home right then and there!

Shelby could not believe it when she recognized her lost cat on Facebook.

“Simba was born in 2011 and came into my home as a kitten, says Shelby M. “He would go everywhere with me! Simba decided he wanted to be an outdoor/indoor kitty, and we were okay with that – he always came back and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors. We noticed Simba was gone for too many days in November of 2016. My son would go out back for days calling his name and saying that he was “all gone,” and it broke my heart.”

Shelby knew it might be a long shot, but she kept an eye on lost and found pages for the past three years, hoping she might find out what happened to Simba. She would often see orange and white cats appear on these sites, but it was never him. Until October 29th! Shelby was scrolling through Facebook and saw the National Cat Day post on our page.

“As soon as I saw his face, I knew instantly it was him! I cried so many tears of joy and was so shocked that three years later he was still alive and well! I called and talked with Hannah about him being missing for three years and that I was so sure he was mine.”

Our Adoption & Admission Supervisor, Hannah H., helped reunite Shelby and Simba!

And you’re probably wondering, how is Simba doing after his first day back at home? Shelby says, “First day back and it’s like he’s never even been gone. He is so happy and enjoying the loves and cuddles he has been getting. I’m still in shock and I can’t believe he’s found his way home after all this time.”

Simba’s family is SO happy to finally have him back home!

And believe it or not – Flynn/Simba was not the only cat to return to the family that had been missing him on National Cat Day. Three other feline friends found their way home too, with the help of our Lost and Found service, Lollypop Spotters, and our dedicated staff.

This just goes to show – it’s never too late to keep searching for a lost pet! Even after three long years, Simba’s owners never gave up home, and managed to bring home their long lost furry friend. It was truly a National Cat Day miracle, for Flynn/Simba, his original family, and so many other cats at Lollypop Farm.

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