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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Some cats simply won’t thrive in the traditional home setting, and are happier to live in an outdoor space like a barn or winery.

Some cats brought to Lollypop Farm just aren’t the right fit for your typical home. They may have spent most of their life living primarily outdoors, have a history of house soiling or litter box avoidance issues, or feel nervous when confined in a home or apartment. But, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for cats like them in our community! If you have a barn, brewery, winery, stable, workshop, or warehouse you can save a life while receiving companionship and potentially expert, environmentally-friendly rodent control by adopting a cat that needs a job. There is only a $25 adoption fee to adopt a working cat® from Lollypop Farm!

Every working cat® is unique! Their personalities can vary from friendly, social cats with outdoor experience to independent feral cats who take their work seriously and may not be as interested in being pals. They all make for potentially great mousers in barns, farms, workshops, or brewery locations. And sometimes, in the case of cats like Mr. Whisper, great companions, too!

Working cats® can provide potentially expert, environmentally-friendly rodent control for your barn, brewery, or workshop!

“It has been a year since we adopted Mr. Whisper from Lollypop Farm,” says Lisa Tietz, a barn owner and working cat® adopter. “At first, he never left the barn. He liked exploring the straw bales and hay and was affectionate to Tom and I. Over time, Mr. Whisper ventured out and explored the farm and the backyard! Thanks to Lollypop Farm for the wonderful work you do to find homes for animals, and a special thank you for recognizing that Mr. Whisper and other hard to place cats like him deserve a loving home.”

Mr. Whisper, a working cat® adopted from Lollypop Farm, who loves to explore the hay bales in his barn home.

When you bring home your working cat®, they will have already been spayed or neutered, vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas, and ear tipped, all at no cost to the adopter. The tipping of working cat’s® ears is an indication that they are spayed or neutered, so that should they wander away from your barn, others will be able to identify the fact that they have already been fixed.

Do you have a barn? You could give a working cat® a home!

If you’re looking for a friend to have around the stable and help out with the occasional rodent, a working cat® may be just the feline friend for you.

Interested in adopting a working cat®? Call 585-223-1330 ext. 285, email, or visit: to learn more.