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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

It’s almost time to kick off the summer season! With Memorial Day right around the corner (Monday, May 27), summer pet safety should be top of mind. Here are our top five tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy amidst all of the season’s BBQs, get-togethers, holiday parties, and more!

1. Keep the collar on

Sometimes during busy events or outdoor get-togethers, pets can sneak away unnoticed. All of the extra commotion of a Memorial Day party may just make your pup want to wander. Make sure that your pets are wearing identification and easily identifiable at all times. Microchipping is a great way to ensure that if your pet goes missing, they could be easily identified and you would be contacted. If you’re planning on having guests for the weekend, it’s always a good idea to remind friends and family to watch the doors when they’re entering/exiting your home or backyard – a pet may slip out without them noticing, if they’re not accustomed to watching the door.
If your pet does get lost, or if you find a stray pet, our Lost and Found service is here to help! Click here to learn what to do.

Make sure there’s always fresh water available for your pet when spending the day outside!

2. Stay hydrated

Make sure that when hanging out outdoors, plenty of fresh water is available to your pet at all times. On a hot day, metal water bowls that have been left in the sun can become incredibly hot, so try using a ceramic or plastic bowl to keep the water cooler. Making sure your pet has access to the shade is also a great way to ensure they stay cool on a hot Memorial Day.

Party foods and grilled meats can be tempting for dogs, but can sometimes be toxic if ingested.

3. Watch out for party foods

If you have a spread of tasty treats for humans, make sure your dog doesn’t sneak a bite of something unhealthy or toxic. Barbequed meats on the grill may look like a tempting treat to snag, so beware of dogs jumping up an unknowingly burning their paws on a hot grill. Other common Memorial Day foods like onions, avocados, grapes, and chocolate, can all be toxic to pets in consumed. Check out these common foods that are toxic to pets.

4. Travel safely with pets

Planning on going away for the holiday weekend with your pets? Make sure they are ready to travel too! Car trips can be stressful for pets and when they’re stressed out, you probably will be too! We suggest preparing your pet for a road trip by taking them on shorter car rides first, just to be sure they’re familiar with the experience. You may want to use a carrier if being loose in the car is too stressful for your pet, and be sure to pack the essentials – food, treats, bowls, water, toys, leash and collar, and any identification documents necessary in the instance your pet gets lost while you’re away.

Never leave a pet in a hot car! Intense temperatures can be dangerous, and even deadly, for pets.

5. Too Hot for Spot

Remember – never leave your pet locked in a hot car. On a warm day, the temperatures inside of a car can rise to dangerous levels in minutes, and this can be deadly for pets. Click here to learn more about why pets should never be left in hot cars.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend, pets and people!