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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

There are certain adoption stories that really stick with you. One such story is Tiffy. This 7-year-old tabby first came to Lollypop Farm in early April in a sad state. Tiffy would undergo a challenging surgery and spend quite some time in recovery before finally finding her perfect family in late May.

Even just after surgery, Tiffy was happy to hear the voices of Lollypop Farm staff when they paid her a visit.

Tiffy arrived suffering from severe infections in both of her eyes. “Tiffy was born with a congenital defect that was causing her pain and suffering,” says Dr. Ann Marie McNamara, Veterinarian at Lollypop Farm.  Her eyes appeared small and irritated, and had troubled her for quite some time. She was certainly in pain, and already completely blind.

Our veterinary staff made the decision to perform a double enucleation surgery, a procedure that would remove her eyes but leave the eye muscles intact. The surgery was challenging, but Tiffy pulled through wonderfully.

While recovering, Tiffy gained quite a fan base. Staff from the veterinary clinic, shelter, and administrative offices alike would pay her daily visits and chat with her to see how she was feeling. A naturally chatty kitty, Tiffy would often talk right back! Some of our staff sat with her while they ate lunch, others just popped in for a quick visit. It was clear that Tiffy could recognize our voices, and showed excitement when her favorite fans came to say hello.

Tiffy healed beautifully after her surgery and quickly re-adjusted to getting around her kitty condo.

After several weeks in recovery, Tiffy put on weight, gained confidence moving around, and healed beautifully. She was officially put up for adoption in May and to no one’s surprise, found her perfect family almost immediately. Miranda and her daughter didn’t know that they would come to Lollypop Farm and fall in love with a blind cat, but that is exactly what happened. As soon as they met Tiffy, they knew she was the one – and Tiffy knew it too.

Thanks to support from friends like you, once Tiffy was fully recovered, she found a loving family.


Tiffy was immediately at home with her new adoptive family.

Sometimes pets like Tiffy arrive at Lollypop Farm and require extensive veterinary care. We rely on heroes like you to provide life-saving care for pets just like Tiffy. We need your help to continue caring for pets in need of extensive veterinary care:

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