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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Dash, one of the rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, found a happy home in the Rochester area!

In mid-February, Lollypop Farm was contacted by a national rabbit rescue about a shockingly large number of rabbits in the Las Vegas area who were in need of our help. Sadly, due to a largely transient population, Vegas is a notorious dumping ground for unwanted rabbits. Some of these dumping grounds can be home to upwards of 500 homeless rabbits at any point in time. Over 120 bunnies were saved from inhumane conditions by rescues in the area, and when Lollypop Farm was asked to help with rehoming, we took on the challenge.

With the help of a number of rescue organizations including Peaceable Kingdom’s Rabbit Program, The Bunderground Railroad, Willy’s Bunny Luv, and the House Rabbit Society, 21 of the Vegas rabbits made their way across the country to Lollypop Farm. Juniper, Dash, Ruffles, Shadow, Timber, Pit, Jack Frost, Ellie, Peep, S’mores, Snowball, Spot, Jack, Jill, Chocolate, Brownie, and 5 very young baby rabbits arrived in mid-February, all eagerly awaiting their much-deserved shot at a happy home.

Juniper, one of the rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, was adopted last week!

When they arrived at the shelter, the rescued rabbits were examined by our veterinary clinic team, and as they were cleared of any diseases or injuries, moved up to our Small Animal Adoption Center. Several of the rabbits have already found happy homes in the Rochester community, and there are a number of them still waiting to be adopted.

Sadly, just days after the initial transport, rescuers who went back to the dumping ground scene to take more rabbits found that dozens of them had been poisoned and were deceased. Click here to read more about this particular incident – and please be forewarned, there is an image of a deceased rabbit that may be upsetting for some readers to see.

Pit is a beautiful chinchilla rabbit who is currently available for adoption at Lollypop Farm.

The situation for abandoned rabbits in the Las Vegas area is becoming more and more dangerous, and a second transport is planned in the months to come. According to National Geographic, rabbits are the third most frequently abandoned pet in the United States, after cats and dogs.

Please remember, rabbits, just like any other pet, should be spayed or neutered to prevent further overpopulation and reproducing. When you adopt a rabbit from a shelter like Lollypop Farm, your new friend will already be vet checked, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated.

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