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We know you have been closely following Leela’s weight loss journey over the last few months. While eating healthy and getting lots of exercise in foster care, Leela lost a total of 15 pounds – enough to have her mass removal surgery here at Lollypop Farm. Due to the nature of her masses, our veterinary clinic made the decision to send a sample for biopsy and discovered that Leela has a type of cancer which is slow-moving, yet unpredictable. Despite this outcome, we feel that Leela still has so much life to enjoy, and so much love to offer her future family. She is available for adoption, and her adopters will be provided with a number of medical waivers which indicate the specifics of her condition, and a plan to provide her with a happy future. Leela worked so very hard, and we are so proud of her.
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We know you’re all eager for this week’s Leela update! Leela just had her weekly weigh-in, and she’s down 1 more pound! Now, 1 pound may not seem like all that much, but Leela is working SO hard towards her weight loss goal of 25 pounds, and has just 14 more to go! Don’t you think she’s doing a great job?








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“Weight-Loss Update: Leela is down 10 pounds!”

Leela came into the clinic at Lollypop Farm for her second weigh-in, and she has lost 10 pounds so far! Leela has just 15 more pounds to go before she reaches her weight loss goal of 25 pounds, and can safely have a necessary mass-removal surgery. Leela has been busy exploring local parks with her foster family and has been sticking to her healthy diet. You’re doing so great, Leela! Follow her weight-loss journey: #LoseItLeela.

Leela is a sweet 6-year-old dog who is just beginning her weight loss journey.

Leela’s appearance was shocking when she first arrived at Lollypop Farm. This 6-year-old shepherd/Rottweiler mix was carrying quite a lot of unnecessary weight, and it was taking a toll on her body.

Weighing in at 147 pounds, even walking a few steps took a lot of out Leela and left her breathing heavily. She would need to lose a significant amount of weight before finding a new home. Not only would losing weight reduce the level of stress on her body, but she also required a necessary mass removal surgery, and our veterinarians were concerned that she would not fit on the operating table. They recommended that Leela go into an active foster care home where she could work towards losing a whopping 25 pounds.

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“Obesity in dogs can lead to both orthopedic and metabolic disease,” said Dr. Christine Garvey, Veterinarian at Lollypop Farm. “Diabetes and arthritis are common examples of the consequences of obesity. Even if a dog loses weight, the repercussions can be permanent.  We recommend that dog owners work with their veterinarian to maintain a healthy weight which can prevent disease and prolong their dog’s life.”

Leela is getting lots of love (and healthy snacks!) while in foster care.

After spending a few weeks at the shelter for observation, Leela finally went to her foster home with Sami, our Individual Giving Manager at Lollypop Farm. Sami and her husband (and their own Lollypop alumni, Winston), lead a very active lifestyle, and even have an Instagram called @ParksAndROC where they highlight their adventures in local parks with their pup! This would be the perfect place for Leela to get plenty of exercise and work towards her weight loss goal, but Leela still has a long way to go.

“She has a really hard time getting up and down the stairs,” said Sami. “It’s really sad to see her get so winded after just taking a few steps, but she is such a happy dog and still really loves going outside for walks with Winston!” Sami also fondly described Leela’s walking style as a “confident waddle.”

Walks are a big part of Leela’s exercise routine. Luckily, she loves to get outside and explore with her foster family!

Leela has a specific weight management prescription food and a feeding guide, with tips like replacing dog treats with low-calorie snacks like carrots. Fortunately for Leela, she’s a big fan of veggies! Leela is exploring Rochester with her foster family and already starting to slim down, one pound at a time. Her target weight is approximately 120 pounds, and we will be following her progress all along the way. Stay tuned!

Interested in learning keeping up with Leela’s weight loss journey? Follow the hashtag #LoseItLeela and and check out her foster family’s Instagram, @ParksAndRoc to see where Leela is exercising today!