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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

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In early April, Holly was officially adopted by her foster mom, Liz! Forget about a “foster fail,” we’re calling this a “foster win!.

When longtime Lollypop Farm foster volunteer Liz was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, December 3rd, her life changed forever. Suffering from a stroke and meningitis, Liz’s road to recovery was going to be long. Liz was in the hospital for two weeks before she was released to go home. Luckily, Liz had an amazing support team and a friend, Marsha, willing to stay with and help her care for her cats while she was recuperating.

It was while she was recuperating that Liz received an email about a dog named Holly. Holly was brought into Lollypop Farm as a stray just five days after Liz had gone to the hospital. She had been hit by a car and treated in the Lollypop Farm veterinary clinic for a broken pelvis and other injuries. The timid one-year old dog was very shy and was only walking with help of a sling. Holly needed a quiet place to recuperate herself. And with Marsha’s help, Holly went to stay with Liz on January 23rd, so they could get better together.

Holly was brought to Lollypop Farm as a stray after she was hit by a car. With a broken pelvis and other injuries, she was only able walk with help of a sling.

“Holly was very thin when I first met her, and she was very shy,” says Liz. But Liz did her best to make Holly feel at home. Liz started by feeding Holly her meals by hand, and in just a couple of days Holly learned to trust Liz. Holly began to look to Liz for reassurance and flourish into a happy puppy.

“I wanted to get better so I could care for my pets,” says Liz. “And Holly is so sweet. I don’t if it was the bond because we both had injuries, but everything in my life changed, and it was the same for Holly. The way she looks at me now, it’s just so rewarding to have this kind of bond and feel this kind of love from a pet.”

And it’s plain to see Holly feels the same. In fact, Holly’s favorite thing to do is rest her head on Liz’s lap and just look at her. And as soon as Liz gets up, there’s Holly right by her side following her around wherever she goes.

Holly’s favorite thing to do is rest her head on her foster mom’s lap and look lovingly in her eyes.

Both Liz and Holly are doing well now. Liz is back in a regular routine and caring for all of her pets on her own. And Holly is playing, chasing, and living the best life with a family who loves her. Once Holly is ready, Liz plans to adopt her, and it couldn’t be any more perfect. This “foster fail” is truly meant to be.

On the road to recovery and with new found confidence, Holly is now a happy dog with a family who loves her.