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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Chloe first arrived at Lollypop Farm, she was scared and in pain.

When Chloe first arrived at Lollypop Farm in early December, this 6-year-old Boxer mix was in a sad state. Suffering from alopecia and dermatitis, she was covered head to toe in sores and scabs. Chloe was shaking in the back of her kennel, and in need of immediate veterinary care.

Chloe’s previous owners had realized that Chloe’s skin issues were getting out of hand, and decided that the best thing to do for Chloe was to bring her to Lollypop Farm where she would receive the veterinary care that she so desperately needed.

Chloe was treated for her dermatitis and slowly started to transition from pink to white. However the road was not yet clear for this pup. In addition to her skin issues, Chloe had several mammary tumors that concerned the clinic staff here at Lollypop Farm. Once Chloe was feeling better, she underwent several surgeries to remove these masses, which were sent to a specialist for biopsy.

“All of Chloe’s mammary tumors were benign,” said Dr. Ann Marie McNamara, Veterinarian at Lollypop Farm. “We also removed several skin tumors – and all but one of those was benign.”  The remaining tumor was a soft tissue sarcoma, which is in fact malignant. However, our clinic staff deemed that it was low grade, and therefore unlikely to recur or spread. “So,” said Dr. McNamara, “her prognosis is good!”

After receiving months of care at the shelter, Chloe is feeling and looking so much better, thanks to support from friends like you.

Chloe is now feeling like her old self again. She loves soft, chewy treats, squeaker toys, and scratches behind the ears. Her transformation into a happy, healthy pup is very nearly complete! After receiving months of treatment at Lollypop Farm, Chloe is finally ready to find her happy home. Because of the support from friends like you, Chloe is getting the second chance she deserves.

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