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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Biscuit, a 7-year-old Shih Tzu, was surrendered into our care. She was very dirty and covered with lice. Here, Biscuit finally began to receive the care she had always deserved. And it was here that Biscuit had a litter of puppies.

When we first met Biscuit she was very dirty and covered with lice.

Biscuit received treatments for her lice, and the puppies were doted over by our shelter team. When the puppies were three weeks old, the family was ready for foster care. We reached out to long-time foster volunteers Della and Bob. Their home environment paired with care from the Lollypop Farm veterinary clinic would provide this doggie family with everything they needed for a fresh start.

A home environment paired with care from the Lollypop Farm veterinary clinic was just what Biscuit and her puppies needed for a fresh start.

At first, Biscuit was a little wary of people. But every day, she became more outgoing. “You can tell it’s a whole different life for her,” says Della. “Biscuit loves her toys and to play with her babies, but most of all she just loves to be outside in the yard.”  In fact, Della and Bob say their only struggle has been getting everyone back inside because they love the freedom of the yard so much.

Thanks you animal lovers like you, puppies like Popcorn, Peanut, and Crackerjack receive everything they need to grow into happy, bouncy puppies.

Della and Bob provided loving care for the mom and puppies for about 8 weeks. They named the three pups Popcorn, Peanut, and Crackerjack and watched as they each grew into their own unique personality. Popcorn is a daredevil while tiny Peanut is now a thoughtful and bright puppy. And big brother, Crackerjack is always ready to nap and snuggle.

Both Biscuit and her puppies found homes just before the holidays, and we’re happy to report Biscuit is now being treated like the princess we knew she always was.

Thanks to animal lovers like you, Biscuit and her puppies have a new chance at a happy, healthy life. Biscuit and each of her puppies were adopted just before the holidays. Now, each of these bouncy puppies are growing up in loving homes and Biscuit is being loved the way all pets deserve.