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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

We’re thrilled that Governor Hochul recently signed two important animal welfare bills into law! Lollypop Farm actively supported these bills through meetings and writing letters to regional representatives, and launching a board and community action alert in support of the bills. After the bills passed both the state Assembly and Senate, we reached out to the Governor to urge her to sign them into law.

The first piece of legislation, S.5023A/A.5823-A, requires veterinarians to report suspected animal cruelty.
“Veterinarians are in a unique position to see when pets are being mistreated. By protecting the working relationship between veterinarians and Humane Law Enforcement, this bill ensures there is another partner to fight animal crimes and bring perpetrators to justice,” explains Reno Di Domenico, Vice President for Law Enforcement at Lollypop Farm.

Making the case against animal abusers requires collaborations across disciplines. S.5023A/A.5823-A will protect the relationship between veterinarians and humane law enforcement.

The second, S.4254/A.4075, prohibits insurers from refusing to issue or renew, cancel, or charge or impose an increased premium for home insurance based solely on the dog breed.
Alice Calabrese, President & CEO of Lollypop Farm, says, “I extend my thanks to Governor Hochul for signing the bill to ban dog breed discrimination in home insurance policies and to all of our representatives who supported the legislation. For far too long, caretakers have had to choose between a beloved member of their family and access to fair home insurance coverage. I am thrilled that there is now one less barrier to keeping dogs safe and happy in their homes.”

All dogs belong in homes.
No one should have to choose between their beloved dog and insurance coverage. S.4254/A.4075 will ensure that dogs will stay safe and happy at home with their beloved families.

We’d also like to thank the New York State Animal Protection Federation, of which Lollypop Farm is a founding member, for being instrumental in writing, advancing, and building support for this progressive legislation. Both laws will be instrumental in keeping pets happy at home and fighting animal crimes!

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