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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Bunny the cat was first brought to Lollypop Farm in April 2021, we were taken in by her friendly and loving demeanor. After completing her initial health exam, it was noted that she was suffering from arthritis in both of her elbows, causing her to slightly waddle. Walking was painful for this sweet girl. Bunny was quickly put on medication to make her more comfortable.

Bunny felt much better after beginning medication for her arthritis

As Bunny was monitored in our Lollypop Farm Klingenstein Veterinary Clinic, it was noted that she was drinking more water than usual. This is a very common side effect of diabetes, so our veterinary team wanted to test Bunny for the disease. They noted a high level of glucose in her urine, which confirmed Bunny to be diabetic. From that point on, Bunny was put on a prescription diet to try and maintain her sugar levels. When it was noted that the prescription diet was not maintaining her condition, the next plan of action was to give Bunny two insulin shots per day. Bunny’s loving and friendly demeanor has always remained present, even while receiving these shots.

Once Bunny was stabilized, it was time for her to begin her search for a new home. With a disease such as diabetes, it is very important for potential adopters to understand her special needs and the seriousness of maintaining them. Dr. Michelle Linnenbrink, the veterinarian who diagnosed Bunny with diabetes, said, “When it comes to an animal who has been diagnosed with diabetes but the disease is being left untreated, the animal will become life-threateningly ill and potentially develop debilitating neurological problems. If Bunny’s adopter is able to properly care for her, she has a great chance at a happy and comfortable life.”

If properly cared for, Bunny has the chance at a great, comfortable life!

Both the prescription diet and insulin shots will always have to be a part of Bunny’s life in order for her to be as healthy and comfortable as possible. The medication she receives for her arthritis should also continue so she can move around free of pain.

Bunny has tried a few different homes out, but they just haven’t been the right fit. With each try, we learn something new about Bunny and have discovered she needs to be the only pet in her home. Once Bunny does find her perfect fit, we know she will thrive.

Bunny posing for her latest photoshoot to help get her adopted.

Upon our request, Bunny’s foster parent has brought Bunny to our main campus a few times in order for us to create special social media content in hopes to show off how amazing Bunny really is. Every time we have posted photos, videos, or even live-streamed her for over 4 hours for the public to see, she receives endless comments about how beautiful, sweet, and gentle she is. She simply needs to find that special person or people who are willing to take care of this special cat with special needs. Could it be you? Email to set up an appointment to meet her!

Check out Bunny’s social media presence:

***January 31st, 2022: We have a VERY special update to this story. Bunny has been adopted! Thank you to everyone who followed and helped share Bunny’s story.