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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

There’s something very special about Rutile. ❤️

Rescued from a house fire in Perinton, NY earlier this year, this 2-year-old feline friend came to Lollypop Farm in very rough shape. Rutile was removed from the home with 90+ other cats, many suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries sustained during the fire. (Learn more about this rescue effort here.)

Rutile was in terrible shape when he first arrived at Lollypop Farm, after being rescued from a nearby house fire with a number of other cats.

Aside from being covered in soot from the fire, Rutile had singed whiskers and fur, burned ears, an upper respiratory infection, and terrible burns on all four of his paws. He needed daily-medicated treatments for his paws and to have them wrapped as they healed. Rutile was such a good sport, and let the team in our Klingenstein Veterinary Clinic take every measure necessary to ensure that his injuries from the fire would heal.

Rutile needed extensive veterinary care in the Klingenstein Veterinary Clinic here at Lollypop Farm. With the support of friends like you, pets like him can receive dedicated care!

However, that wasn’t the end of Rutile’s medical needs here in the clinic at Lollypop Farm. Rutile began having sinus issues and trouble eating. Upon further examination, we discovered that Rutile had a soft palate hole in the roof of his mouth that required surgery. Likely, the result of a congenital deformity, Rutile had several surgeries at Lollypop Farm to repair his cleft. After each surgery, he was closely monitored to make sure that he could properly eat his food and keep his esophagus clear. Rutile may always have some issues with eating, but he is well on his way to a better quality of life.

Rutile has a heart on his back—which makes sense, he is a total love!

Because Rutile spent so much time here at Lollypop Farm, he became great friends with lots of different staff members and volunteers! And they noticed something special about him—Rutile has a perfect little white heart on his back! Whether he’s playing with a wand toy, cuddling up for snuggles, or lounging in a sunbeam, you can always clearly see the little heart right in the middle of this sweet cat’s back. Rutile truly is a special guy!

There are so many pets just like Rutile who come to the shelter in need of long-term expensive care. We have you, our friends and supporters, to thank for making their second chances possible. Soon, Rutile will be made available for adoption—and we know this little feline friend will have SO much love to share with his new family.

Rutile says “Thank you for making my second chance possible!”

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