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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

By working together with our community Lollypop Farm helps pets in need. While it takes everyone pitching in to create a justice and a compassionate world for all animals, we’re happy to recognize the young changemakers in our community. They make a difference for the animals and make the world a better place.

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Be Kind To Animals Service Award! Each of these young leaders have given their time, talent, and kindness to help make the world a better place for the animals.

Each winner will receive a special gift package and $25 gift certificate to Just Games Rochester, LLC. They will also receive a special behind-the-scenes tour of Lollypop Farm for the winner and family!

Alyssa Healy
Livonia Central, Grade 10

Alyssa with baby calfAlyssa lives her goal: helping animals in need. She participates in 4-H where she works with animals. She spends a lot of her time with her rabbits and knows when one is not feeling well (something many people miss with rabbits). She is working with calves on a local farm, giving countless hours cuddling the newborns and identifying ones that are sick. She helps deliver the calves and feeds, beds and reports to the farm’s owner. She researched chicken husbandry and designed a pen for chickens in her yard. The farm had a litter of kittens that she helped socialize and adopted one. Currently, there is an injured duck in one of her family bathrooms that she is treating.

Alyssa in the barn“These facts alone are not why I would choose to nominate Alyssa. I nominate her because the animals respond instinctively to her and are relaxed in her presence. Her compassion for them is genuine and the animals know that. From the shy calf who walks easily on a lead for her, to the duck and chickens who allow her to pet them and care for them, Alyssa’s kind nature is true.”

She aspires to veterinary school in the future. Her ability to communicate and her interest in helping all animals will be an asset to the animal world in the future. In the meantime, Alyssa is brightening the lives of the animals around her with true kindness and compassion.

Nomination by Kim Daheim

Rowan Harris
Caledonia Mumford Middle School, Grade 6

Rowan holding a catRowan Harris is a true example of a compassionate and empathetic role-model. As a dedicated participant of Animal Academy (a Lollypop Farm virtual education program), Rowan’s enthusiasm for learning about animals and her positive attitude is contagious to the group.

Rowan has a passion for animals of all kinds, especially animals that are often misunderstood—like black cats, and bats! She uses her vast knowledge of animals as a way to help advocate for their needs and educate her peers. Whether she is sharing facts about the importance of bees or leading the group in a customized Kahoot! Game that she created for the session, Rowan is a true Lollypop Farm Junior Animal Advocate!

Austin Kumro

Hope Hall School, Grade 6

Austin with the Humane Law Enforcement DepartmentOver the last few years, Austin has been an active participant in a variety of education programs at Lollypop Farm. His love and compassion for the animals is written all over his face. Each and every time Austin visits Lollypop Farm, he is wearing a grin from ear to ear!

Prior to the pandemic, Austin was a regular volunteer reader for the Book Buddies program. Austin has a special gift for socializing cats that are waiting to be adopted.

“Austin is a huge advocate for the animals. Not only has he adopted his beloved cat from Lollypop Farm, but he spends time coming into the shelter to read to the shelter cats. Austin also has a passion for Humane Law Enforcement and spends time learning everything he can from our Humane Law Enforcement officers,” Nick Lapressi, behavior and training manager at Lollypop Farm shared. “Austin is a shining example in our community of how just a little compassion can make a world of difference for our animals.”

Austin petting a cat during Book BuddiesAustin takes on every opportunity to learn more about how he can help pets in our community. In addition to his passion for helping comfort homeless cats, Austin aspires to create a safer and more just community for abused pets. Shortly after a fun session of Lollypop Farm Camp, Austin discovered the importance of Humane Law Enforcement. Inspired by how they create a safer community for pets and people, he now aspires to become a Humane Law Enforcement officer himself when he’s older!