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1. They won’t run circles around your house at 3 a.m. (probably)

What are you supposed to complain about to your coworkers the next morning? In fact, your new senior cat will probably sleep all night long. They might even cuddle with you – the nerve! While some kittens may come home with the midnight crazies, your senior cat’s days of running wild are probably in the past. Imagine – quiet hours with a calm cuddle buddy! Senior cats do, of course still need enrichment and exercise. Here’s where you can find some tips to keep your new feline friend happy and healthy.

Cat sleeping under blanket
Your new senior cat probably won’t feel the need to race around the house in the middle of the night like a kitten might!


2. They won’t redecorate your house or apartment

Forget that cool new tattered curtain look – your senior cat will probably just want to lounge in sunbeams, watch Netflix with you, and casually peruse the catalog of birds outside the window. Can you believe it? From knocking knick-knacks off of shelves to digging up houseplants, your senior feline friend probably won’t be interested at all in helping you redecorate, unless it involves moving their comfy cat bed to a new and exciting location or tossing a few cat toys around.

Cat behind curtain
Your senior cat’s days of curtain tattering are probably long gone – and the curtains will be thankful.


3.There won’t be any surprises about who you’re taking home

What’s the fun in knowing everything about your new senior cat’s personality, likes, dislikes, medical needs, and dietary preferences? You don’t even get to go through the fun process of figuring out what type of fishy cat food they prefer, whether they’re a close cuddler or an independent sort, or whether they’ll grasp the concept of the litter box right away. While you might have a wild ride with a kitten figuring out who they are as an individual, a senior cat comes home without major surprises. Adoption counselors at Lollypop Farm even set you up for success with your new senior cat, already having figured out what they like and don’t like, and what their future veterinary needs will be. Get ready for predictability! Of course, if you do encounter any surprises, the Behavior and Training team at Lollypop Farm is here to help with personalized cat behavior sessions.

Senior Cat
Your new senior cat has already come into their personality!


4. You won’t have to teach them polite manners

Were you hoping to start from square one? Sorry – your new senior cat will probably already know all about litter box etiquette, and will already come home spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated! All pets adopted from Lollypop Farm go home fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, and vet-checked. Although all cats (especially seniors) should regularly see a veterinarian, you won’t have to go through the trouble or costs of getting them fixed and vaccinated – it’s all included in the adoption fee! Plus, the fee to adopt senior cats is significantly less, and sometimes free, if you’re 60 years or older and adopting through the Seniors for Seniors program. You’ll just have to spend your money elsewhere and lavish your new cat with toys, treats, and cozy beds! Click here to see what else comes along with the adoption fee.

Silly Cat
You won’t have to go through the trouble of getting your new cat spayed or neutered!


5.They’ll be totally obsessed with you for giving them a retirement home

Your new senior cat is going to love you so much for giving them a happy place to rest their paws. You’re their new person, so we’re sorry to say, you can probably expect lots of cuddles, snuggles, happy meows, and all that rigmarole. They’ll probably want to follow you around, be prominently featured on your Instagram, and claim your lap as their very very favorite place. Buckle up – you didn’t just adopt a cat, you adopted a best friend!

Cute Senior Cat
We hate to say it, but your new senior cat will probably be totally crazy about you.


Get it? We actually think you should DEFINITELY adopt a senior cat, or a kitten! Either way, you’ll be going home with your purrrrrrfect match.

Here’s where you can find your new feline family member: