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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Jack-Jack was brought to Lollypop Farm, she had a small problem. Well, for her, it was a big problem. Being only about a quarter of an ounce, the tumor growing on this little dwarf hamster’s chest must have seemed enormous to her.

Every pet deserves a second chance, no matter how small. Tiny Jack-Jack needed surgery to remove the tumor so she could move around more easily. We also needed to test the tumor for cancer. The intricate surgery was performed by Dr. Ann Marie McNamara of the Lollypop Farm Klingenstein Veterinary Clinic.

Due to Jack-Jack’s small size, she was considered a high-risk patient. Jack-Jack proved to be resilient. Her procedure went very well, according to veterinary staff. The tumor was sent off for testing to see if it was cancerous. Luckily, the biopsy results came back as benign or non-cancerous, which was the best outcome for little Jack-Jack.

Jack-Jack has been taking time to heal in her foster home. Now that she is cleared medically, her foster plans to adopt her! Per her foster, Emily, Jack-Jack acts like her surgery never happened. “She is spunky and loves to zoom on her wheel. She’s very good about getting her meds and doesn’t even mind being held!”

Jack-Jack’s second chance was not only possible thanks to veterinary and foster support but also friends like you who support pets of all sizes!