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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Lollypop Farm Humane Education team members have spent the last few months working with the students from Charles T. Lunsford School No. 19 in the Rochester City School District. Each Friday, Lollypop Farm staff traveled to the school to teach important life skills of empathy and compassion through fun and engaging lessons such as drawing, reading, and more.

In preparation for Dog Bite Prevention Week, which runs from April 7-13, the students’ lessons focused on how dogs feel, reading dog body language, and safe ways to interact with dogs. Humane Education staff helped the students create posters and videos to educate our community about Dog Bite Prevention.

Here is some of their incredible work:

Three people to ask to pet a dog
Learn who you should ask before you pet a dog to keep yourself safe.

Be a tree
Learn how you should stand to make yourself less scary to a new dog you encounter.

How to pet a dog
Learn how to pet a dog. Don’t be too rough or they may get upset.

Some of the kids made posters to help teach about dog safety.

Keep your dog safe and healthy.
Dogs are special!
To pet or not to pet

Since Lollypop Farm’s founding in 1873 education has been a pillar of the organization’s mission. One of the icons that many Rochesterians will remember is Ray Naramore, a retired teacher and Executive Director at Lollypop Farm. Naramore began to focus efforts at Lollypop Farm on promoting kindness to animals in the 1950s. Humane Education promotes kindness, develops empathy, and cultivates compassion toward animals, people, and the natural world. Through Humane Education, Lollypop Farm empowers individuals to gain the knowledge and tools to make informed, socially responsible choices to better the lives of animals in our community.

Under New York State Education Law, Humane Education is a requirement for elementary grade school students (Section 809). Through numerous partnerships, such as School 19, Lollypop Farm Humane Educators are helping to bring Humane Education to area schools. For more information on programs offered at local schools for the 2024-2025 school year, visit our Humane Education pages.