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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Five-month-old Spirea was named after the bush he was found under.

This sweet boy was found abandoned under a bush just outside of Lollypop Farm.

This little kitten was abandoned just outside of the doors of Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester. A visitor spotted him lying underneath the brush and alerted our staff, who rushed outside to help this frightened kitten. He was unable to use his back legs, and he had likely been hit by a car. Spirea was covered in dirt, fleas, mites, and his own urine. This poor little kitten desperately needed our help.

Spirea has the run of “his” office, with kitty toys galore!

Spirea was taken in by the clinic and evaluated. Apart from being unable to relieve himself or use his hind legs, he was lucky to have a spine that was still intact. Spirea underwent rehabilitation to regain the use of his back legs, including acupuncture treatments. Our clinic staff attended to his every need while he learned how to walk all over again.

Spirea slowly started making progress! In an effort to continue his care while at the shelter and give this kitten the attention he deserved, Spirea was put into an administrative office for foster. Here, he was able to interact with staff who could monitor his progress.

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Spirea is now able to walk, although he will always have a bit of a wobbly stride. He has even mastered the litter box! Brenna Bonis, the Adoption and Customer Service Manager who works in the office where Spirea is being fostered says, “This little guy has no idea he’s different. He’s just as playful as any other kitten.”

Spirea is just as playful and mischievous as any other kitten.

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