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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When Shaggy, a 6-year-old terrier mix was admitted to Lollypop Farm in mid-December, his hopes for survival seemed bleak. The small dog had been viciously attacked by three larger dogs, and suffered multiple puncture wounds and a terrible gash to his side. His left eye was also seriously damaged in the attack. Unsure of what the outcome would be, our team in the clinic jumped into action to try to save this small dog’s life.

Shaggy pre-surgery
Shaggy suffered terrible wounds after being attacked by 3 larger dogs and required immediate, life-saving surgery.

Immediately after the attack, Shaggy’s owner desperately tried to find an emergency vet to care for Shaggy, and was turned away by multiple offices due to her inability to pay. Devastated, she decided that surrendering Shaggy to Lollypop Farm for immediate veterinary care was his only chance for survival. Lollypop Farm Director of Medical Services, Dr. Cristina Cadavieco, knew that we had to find a way to save Shaggy and return him to his distraught owner.

Shaggy underwent surgery in the clinic at Lollypop Farm. Our team went to work suturing his wounds, repairing his damaged eyeball, and putting him on medication. Shaggy’s ability to survive the first night after his surgery would dictate his chances for recovery, and Dr. Cristina was determined to save this little pup. So, she took him home with her so that she could monitor his condition throughout the night.

Dr. Cristina with Shaggy at home
Dr. Cristina took Shaggy home with her to ensure that he made it through the night.

This little dog seemed certain to survive. He made it through the first night at home with Dr. Cristina, and continued to show positive progress as he healed in her care. Finally, after weeks of healing and veterinary care, Shaggy was ready to have his sutures removed. He handed it like a champ, as though he knew that Dr. Cristina would take the very best care of him.

Shaggy with Dr. Cristina after surgery
Shaggy’s sutures were removed after weeks of veterinary care by Dr. Cristina.

Finally, the time had come to send Shaggy home. Dr. Cristina took Shaggy herself to reunite him with his owner, Catherine. She was so happy to have her dog back home and healthy, and we were thrilled to have been able to make bring a happy end to this story.

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