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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Does your cat at home love watching birds out the window? So do cats at Lollypop Farm! If you’ve visited us recently, you may have noticed a number of new birdhouses and bird feeders around the building and grounds. Our friends at The Bird House, a local bird house/feeder and seed supply store, generously donated, installed, and continually stock these new feeders! Cats can see them through the windows of our adoption center and cat holding area, and the feeders also support local flocks of wild birds.

“The Bird House installed these beautiful bird feeders and bird houses around our property to help support wild birds and to provide enrichment for cats in the shelter,” said Kelly Wolfe, Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Lollypop Farm. “The owner and dedicated staff at The Bird House took the time to see everything from the cat’s point of view to ensure that pets all around the shelter could watch the birds throughout the day. This dedication to helping animals is an amazing gift to the pets and people of Lollypop Farm and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity!”

Many thanks to our friends over at The Bird House for bringing joy to pets and people (and wild birds!) at Lollypop Farm.