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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

So many puppies received a healthy start to life because of the vaccination clinic!

In an effort to provide critical services to Rochester-area pet owners, Lollypop Farm recently held our very first free vaccination clinic at the Baden Street Settlement in downtown Rochester on Wednesday, September 5. Animal care professionals from the organization offered free wellness checks, one-year Rabies vaccines, Parvo vaccines, and Distemper vaccines to dogs and puppies. There were pet supplies available for attendees including collars, leashes, harnesses, and pet food, as well as dog bite prevention information, spay/neuter services information, and pet behavior tips from professionals at Lollypop Farm. Rochester Animal Services, the municipal shelter for the City of Rochester, joined the event to provide additional spay and neuter information, dog toys, and treats.

“Bringing services like this to areas where they are needed makes such a huge impact on these pet families,” says Esca Stumpf, Lollypop Farm’s Community Outreach Manager. “I’m so proud that Lollypop Farm is able to do this. We saw a lot of puppies at the vaccination clinic who are now on their way to growing up healthy!”

Our behavior team was on site, talking about behavior tips and dog bite prevention.

The Lollypop Farm team spent the afternoon working with the pets and owners – providing the vaccines and wellness checks, handing out supplies where they were needed, making sure all dogs had access to fresh water while they waited, and sharing pet care and behavior tips with their owners. At the end of the day, 56 dogs and puppies received essential vaccinations and wellness checks, and many went home with brand new pet supplies! Their owners took with them information about how to keep their pets happy, healthy, and thriving. This event was made possible with generous support from Edie and Chris Linares.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, 56 dogs and puppies received vaccinations and wellness checks!

The next Free Vaccination Clinic will be held on Thursday, October 11, at 8 Leighton Avenue in Rochester, NY, and aims to bring the same group of services to 75 dogs and puppies!