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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

All of us at Lollypop Farm wish you and your pets a safe and happy Fourth of July! Believe it or not, more pets become lost on this particular day than any other time of year. To ensure your pets stay comfortable during the holiday festivities and fireworks, here are a few tips:

Fourth of July celebrations can be safe and fun with pets, if you’re prepared!

Make sure your pet is easily identifiable.
Your four-legged friends should always have some combination of collar, tags, and a microchip. Even indoor kitties can get out when you least expect it. It’s also smart to have a good current photo of your pet on hand. All pets adopted from Lollypop Farm are already microchipped, and can therefore be easily identified and returned to their families, should they show up at a shelter.

Think twice about bringing pets to a fireworks display.
The crowds, loud noises, and startling lights can be overwhelming and threatening for pets. Even if your pet has been fine with loud noises and fireworks before, the unexpected can always happen.

Never leave your pet in a parked car.
Don’t leave your pets in the car, either. On a hot day, temperatures inside of a parked car can reach 120 degrees F  in just a few minutes. Pets can’t withstand these high temperatures—they can cause irreparable organ damage and even death.

Learn more about pet summer safety and take the Too Hot for Spot Pledge.

Firework noises can be frightening for dogs and cats alike – consider leaving pets at home if you’re going to a firework display.

Bring pets inside and make them comfortable.
We recommend not leaving your pet alone in the backyard, even for a short time, during firework season. (This goes for both dogs and indoor/outdoor cats!) Fearful animals may hurt themselves trying to escape, run away, get lost in unfamiliar neighborhoods, or dart into traffic. Instead, create a safe haven at home! Make sure the windows are covered and the doors are secure. Remove items like pillows that might be destroyed by an anxious pet. If your pet wants to hide under a bed or in a dark closet – let them! Even something as simple as turning on the radio or putting on soft music in the home can help calm your pet when there are unfamiliar sounds coming from outside.

Making a comfortable, safe space in the home (perhaps with music on) is a great way to ensure that your pet doesn’t become afraid or even lost during a firework display.

Talk to your vet.
If you know your pet is sensitive to loud noises, thunderstorms, or fireworks, your vet may be able to suggest other ways to help calm them.

Have a plan if your pet becomes lost or if you find a lost pet.
If your pet becomes lost, or you come across a pet that’s lost its way, be prepared to jump into action! Report your lost pet (or report a found pet) with Lollypop Spotters, our Lost and Found Service, here. By filling out a lost or found pet report, you’re helping us spread the word about the pet, and easily identify them if they were to show up at the shelter.

Want to become a Lollypop Spotter and help pets reunite with the families who love them?
It’s easy! Head over to the Lollypop Spotters Facebook page and click like to start seeing posts. Then share, like, and keep an eye out for pets in your area.

Learn more about our Lost and Found Services.