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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Colin Robinson looked a little like a gray shadow lurking about finding the best place to hide in his condo here at Lollypop Farm. That’s probably why cat staff affectionately named him based on a character in the show ‘What We Do in the Shadows.’ Colin may have been nervous, but he also had another challenge on his path to adoption.

Colin Robinson has feline leukemia virus, or FeLV, a disease that is easily passed from cat to cat. Since Colin Robinson was found as a stray, it is likely that he encountered another cat outside that had the virus. Stray cats can sometimes be infected with FeLV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which makes testing very important.

Colin Robinson was tested by the Lollypop Farm veterinary team as part of his evaluation before being made available for adoption, but a positive test did not mean he couldn’t be adopted. Cats with leukemia can go to a home with other leukemia-positive cats, with other pets besides cats (as FeLV is species-specific), or simply as an only pet.

Feline leukemia is not always an issue for those cats infected, in fact, some cats clear the infection on their own or do not show symptoms for years. Other times, however, cats with FeLV can have medical issues or other conditions that arise due to their weakened immune systems. This knowledge was important so that Colin’s potential adopters knew what issues to keep an eye out for and to check in regularly with a veterinarian.

After 164 days at Lollypop Farm, Colin Robinson found a loving home where his dad Shannon notes that he is spoiled rotten. With such a happy ending, it seems as though he doesn’t need to hide in the shadows as much anymore.

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