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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

When the Rochester Police Department officers found a dog, abandoned and bleeding in an alley they reached out to Lollypop Farm’s Humane Law Enforcement for assistance. Lollypop Farm Investigator Laura Thompson responded to the call and what she found on the scene was truly terrible.

The dog was attached to a cable, dragging a folding chair behind her. Her neck was extremely swollen and caked with dried blood.  “I smelled the strong odor of infection as I got closer, and there were flies swarming around her wounds,” recalls Investigator Thompson. The dog was obviously in a lot of pain, and understandably frightened.

Investigator Thompson worked with the other officers on the scene to gently cut the cable attached to the dog. Investigator Thompson quickly transported the dog to Lollypop Farm where she was met by Dr. Cristina Cadavieco, medical director at Lollypop Farm, despite the late hour of the night. Dr. Cadavieco immediately gave the dog, now named Limerick, antibiotics, and medication to help ease her pain. Upon examination, Dr. Cadavieco found a chain collar, much too small for her size, embedded in her skin. It is likely that Limerick had received the collar as a puppy. As she grew out of the collar, it became too small and dug into her skin.  It needed to be surgically removed.

A chain collar, much too small for her size, was found embedded in her skin and needed to be surgically removed.

The Lollypop Farm veterinary team set straight to work first thing in the morning. After hours of surgery, the chain was removed and tubes were placed to drain the infection. Limerick is currently recovering in the clinic, where she can receive constant care as she begins to heal. She is still nervous meeting new people, but the compassionate care she has received at Lollypop Farm has been a miracle.

“Limerick has been so brave,” says Investigator Thompson who has been in to visit with her every day. “Since she’s so shy, I have been sitting in her kennel with her. This last week, she has been snuggling next to me and really perking up.”

Limerick’s road to recovery will be long, and she needs someone like you. Sign up, create a Tail Waggin’ Team, and fundraise to help all the homeless and abused pets like Limerick in the Walk for the Animals at Barktober Fest. On behalf of Limerick, when you register between August 1st and August 7th, you’ll receive $5 off your ticket price using coupon code “LIMERICK”. Together, we can make a big difference for pets in need.