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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

An orange tabby named Tigger arrived at Lollypop Farm in early June when his family was moving and sadly couldn’t bring him along. This wasn’t the first time we’d met Tigger – he had first been rescued from a home with too many pets in 2006, and had been adopted from Lollypop Farm shortly afterwards.

Tigger shortly after arriving at Lollypop Farm for the second time.

This time around, 13-year-old Tigger seemed to be down on his luck. Like all cats admitted to Lollypop Farm, he was checked out by our clinic. That’s when they found something suspicious – a mass inside of his left ear. A biopsy confirmed our fears – cancer.

Tigger shortly after surgery to remove the cancerous mass in his ear.

The clinic worked quickly. Tigger underwent a challenging surgery to remove the ear, giving him the very best chance at a happy, healthy life. The procedure was a success! Tigger spent about a month in recovery at Lollypop Farm, and during that time he became a staff favorite. He loved attention, (especially when that involved removing his cone for a few minutes!) and just couldn’t get enough love.

While he recovered, Tigger loved to get attention from staff – especially if they took off his cone!

Tigger officially became available for adoption on June 23rd, and he didn’t have to wait very long. We held a “Free Cat Day” on June 29 to help alleviate the numbers of cats and kittens admitted to the shelter this time of year and make room for more incoming cats. A family that had their eye on Tigger’s photo on the website for the past few days rushed in on Free Cat Day and spent over an hour waiting to meet with him. They were so excited when an adoption counselor was finally available to introduce them to Tigger!

Sean and his family took Tigger home that very day – but not before making a cheeky name change. Now, he’s Vincent. “Vincent is a kind and loving soul,” his new family told us. “He loves having his back scratched and gives wonderful head-butts. He is quick to purr and loves to burrow with us under the covers! He is acclimating very well to his new surroundings and is thus far getting along well with his six special-needs brothers and sisters. We feel very fortunate that he’s here with us and cannot thank Lollypop Farm enough for all that they do!”

Vincent (aptly named) relaxes in his happy new home, cancer free.

Days after his adoption, Vincent’s new family sent us photos of him exploring and relaxing in his new home, cancer free.

You can help us continue to care for pets in need of extensive veterinary care by walking in Barktober Fest Walk for the Animals on Saturday, September 30. Register today: