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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

It was mid-January when we first met Capone. Although he looked like a much older dog at the time of his arrival, he was only 2 years old. Capone came to Lollypop Farm with a host of medical issues, and was destined for a long road to recovery before he would be ready to find a new home. He would require months of treatment, surgeries, and ample recovery time before the time came for his kennel to display an “I’m available” sign. Thanks to your support, Capone’s story has a happy ending.

Capone in late January, shortly after arriving at Lollypop Farm

When Capone first came to Lollypop Farm, he was diagnosed with severe dermatitis, alopecia and painful ear infections. He was missing quite a lot of fur and his whole body had an irritated, pinkish hue. Capone also had entropion, a medical condition that causes the eyelids to fold inward. This condition seriously irritates they eyes because it causes animals eyelashes to rub against the cornea, and almost always requires surgery. It was painful to look into Capone’s eyes when it was so obvious that he was suffering from this irksome condition.

Despite his medical issues, Capone was a happy, sweet dog who sought out attention

Capone undergoes surgery

Our veterinary staff performed two separate surgeries on all four of Capone’s eyelids to repair his entropion, meaning that he had to sport a “cone of joy” for quite some time. As Capone’s eyelids healed, his ear infections cleared up, and his skin gradually showed improvement.

Capone underwent two surgeries on all four eyelids to repair his entropion

During his stay at Lollypop Farm, Capone quickly became a staff favorite. This goofy dog loved to bound around the courtyard, go for walks with volunteers, leap into the air to catch treats, and enjoy lots of rubs and scratches. While making his way through extended veterinary care, Capone got to experience all sorts of new things at Lollypop Farm. He learned tricks and behavioral commands from our Behavior Department, starred in multiple photo shoots, became a recurring story on social media, and even visiting the set of our Tails of Hope Telethon for a live appearance! Staff and visitors alike fell in love with Capone’s wrinkly face and awaited the day he would be healthy enough to find a new home.

Capone finds a happy home

Capone’s lucky break came just a week before St. Patrick’s Day. Our clinic decided that his health had improved significantly, and Capone became available for adoption! He was only waiting in the Halle Polisseni Dog Adoption Center for two days before Taylor visited Lollypop Farm. The connection was instant, and Capone went home with her the very next day. Capone came such a long way from the condition he was in when he first arrived at Lollypop Farm, and he is now living the life of luxury that he always deserved.

Thanks to your support, Capone has a happy ending and finds his perfect family

If you would like to contribute to the costs of long-term care for pets like Capone, please consider making a donation to Lollypop Farm.