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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Walter, our much-loved clinic cat at Lollypop Farm, crossed the rainbow bridge in early September. He had a very important job here at the shelter—he comforted pets as they woke up from anesthesia in our veterinary clinic. Walter’s favorite spot in the clinic was “the beach,” a heated portion of the floor where patients would comfortably come out of anesthesia after surgery. Walter would lick kittens and snuggle dogs twice his size, even cozy up with potbellied pigs! Walter was also a staple of our team and made a huge impact on not just our staff, volunteers, and supporters, but the community at large.

Walter’s job was very important – he comforted pets as they woke up from anesthesia in the clinic.

Walter was a frequent visitor to our summer camp sessions at Lollypop Farm, and would happily lounge in a classroom while all of our summer campers took turns petting him. When the pandemic began earlier this year, Walter made sure to stay connected with his friends and fans throughout the community by sitting in on Digital Animal Tales Story Time with his friends at the shelter while they read books for kids at home.

Walter loved visiting our summer campers – and getting lots of attention!

Walter’s Story

When Walter first arrived at Lollypop Farm several years ago, he was in very rough shape. His fur was matted, he was infested with fleas, and he had a terrible infection in his hind legs and rear end. He was also incontinent and had difficulty walking, likely due to a condition called Manx syndrome which a shortening of the spine and sometimes missing vertebrae. With lots of care and love from the clinic team, Walter recovered and became a permanent resident in the clinic at Lollypop Farm. Until early September of 2020, Walter was a constant presence in the shelter—taking physical therapy stroller-sessions around the grounds, enjoying snacks in his kitty bungalow, and of course, comforting pets as they woke from anesthesia. When his quality of life took a turn significantly for the worse, our veterinary team made the very difficult decision that it was Walter’s time to go. He was surrounded by all of his very best friends, and leaves behind a legacy of love in the clinic at Lollypop Farm.

Walter’s presence will be missed in the clinic, but his compassion for pets in need will live on.

How you can help

Walter’s presence will be sorely missed by so many people in our community—but his mission to provide care and comfort to pets in need lives on. When you make a Walk for the Animals at Barktober Fest gift in Walter’s memory, you’re helping us to carry on his compassion for pets in need. Thank mew.

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