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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Little Noel was born at Lollypop Farm on December 20.

On an unseasonably warm afternoon in late December, we welcomed the arrival of Noel and Harvey, two beautiful baby goats born at Lollypop Farm.

Rescued from deplorable conditions

The two nannies (another word for mother goats), Katrina and Darcy, originally came to us in July when the organization assisted the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in the seizure of 27 goats, three horses, and one llama. The animals were part of a case involving over 120 animals found living in deplorable conditions in Westerlo, NY. As one of the only humane societies in the region able to care for farmyard animals, Lollypop Farm is often called upon to assist in farmyard hoarding cases.

Harvey’s mother Katrina was one of the 27 goats rescued from a hoarding case earlier this year.

Both babies were born on the farm, and the two little families were brought into our indoor barn where they could be monitored by our farm and clinic staff. Baby Harvey had a black coat with grey and white speckled ears, and little Noel was pure white, just like her mother.

A third surprise

Little did we know, we were in for one more surprise from these 27 goats. On December 21, the very next day, Lollypop Farm welcomed yet another baby goat! Leia was also born to one of the goats rescued from the Westerlo hoarding case.

Leia was born the very next day, her mother also having been rescued from the hoarding case in Westerlo, NY.

“These types of cruelty cases are difficult for everyone involved, especially when the moms had been neglected so badly,” says Farm and Safety Manager Joanna Dychton. “But because of everyone’s combined efforts, these babies will have shelter, veterinary services, and the care they need for a fresh start.”

Your support is crucial when it comes to rescuing animals in need like the 27 goats, and providing for the baby goats born here at Lollypop Farm.

A few weeks later

The baby goats are now a few weeks old, and already getting up to all sorts of antics – jumping up and down on stairs and obstacles provided for their entertainment, playfully head-butting each other, and even attempting to hop on top of their moms!

Of the animals transported to Lollypop Farm from this case, 13 have already found new happy homes. The nannies and kids born in December will need some more care, and will not be made available for adoption for a couple of months. If you’re interested in adopting, your property must be zoned for farm animals and we recommend that you must currently own a goat or adopt multiple goats. Being part of a group is important for their happiness and socialization. At this time, we’re asking all interested adopters to fill out an application and send it to

Stop by the indoor barn at Lollypop Farm to catch a glimpse at these adorable baby goats, and make sure to explore the farm yard to meet their friends!

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