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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Biscuit was just 4 months old when she arrived at Lollypop Farm in distress. Biscuit was terribly thin with severe corneal ruptures and an upper respiratory infection. This kitten would require a number of challenging surgeries before finding the happy home she deserved.

Biscuit had a number of surgeries at Lollypop Farm to remove her damaged eyes and ensure a long, happy life.

The family that surrendered Biscuit found her as a stray. They tried their best to help her and keep her in their home, but Biscuit’s veterinary needs surpassed what they were able to handle. They brought Biscuit to Lollypop Farm, where they knew she would get the help she so desperately needed. Who knows how Biscuit came to be in the rough shape that she was, but she was finally going to get the lifesaving care she needed thanks to our dedicated veterinary team.

Just days after her arrival at the shelter, our veterinarians got to work removing Biscuit’s damaged eyes. Throughout the months of October, November, and December, Biscuit had five surgeries and faced many challenges along the road to good health. During one of her many procedures, Biscuit went into cardiac arrest on the table. “This happened when Biscuit was in her worst shape,” said Dr. Ann Marie McNamara, veterinarian at Lollypop Farm. “She was so scrawny, had a URI, and badly needed the enucleation surgery.” Clinic staff performed CPR on Biscuit, and to their delight, she pulled through. “It’s really amazing,” said Dr. McNamara. “After all she’s been through, she is just the sweetest kitten.”

Your support provides lifesaving care to pets like Biscuit.

Throughout all of this, Biscuit found a temporary loving home with Lollypop Farm Animal Care Attendant Karly Kremer. “She loves to listen to classical music!” says Karly. “It makes her fall asleep. She also really likes it when you talk to her,” says Karly. “Her tail perks right up when she’s listening. She’s such a sweet, special cat. When she’s ready, she’s going to find a home in no time.”

Despite the repeated surgeries and stays in our clinic, Biscuit is a happy, playful kitten who has adjusted remarkably well to her new way of life. She uses her paws to reach in front of her to determine whether there are any obstacles in her path, and really does seem to perk up when people talk to her. She starts to “purr” right away and headbutts her friends here at the shelter to ask for more attention.

Carly, an Animal Care Attendant, fostered Biscuit in her home while she healed.

Biscuit’s most recent surgery took place in mid-December. She has a lot more healing to do before she is ready to find a new home, but in the meantime, she has SO many friends at Lollypop Farm who are rooting for her.

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