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Some pets at Lollypop Farm take longer than others to find their happy homes. In the case of Jorah, a 10-year-old retriever mix, his journey from the streets to a home was one of the longest. It is only with the support of friends like you, and annual supporting members of Lollypop Farm, that pets like Jorah can get the second chances they deserve.

When Jorah first arrived at Lollypop Farm last spring as a stray, this senior pup was in terrible shape. He was terribly thin, had several masses that had to be removed, and was covered in both old scars and fresh wounds around his face and tail. We can only speculate how much Jorah had gone through before being brought to the shelter.

Jorah was in rough shape when he first arrived at Lollypop Farm as a stray.

When pets arrive at Lollypop Farm with wounds that could be from a bite from an unknown animal, it is standard practice to put that pet on rabies watch to ensure that they have not been bitten by a rabid animal. In Jorah’s case, this would mean that this sweet senior pup would have to wait go into quarantine at Lollypop Farm until it was clear that he had not contracted rabies. This is because the symptoms of rabies can take quite some time to present. Jorah couldn’t interact with any other animals, and could only interact with staff members who were vaccinated against the dangerous disease.

Jorah would have to spend several months at Lollypop Farm until his rabies quarantine was up.

Finding a foster home outside of the shelter proved to be very difficult – if Jorah went to a home, he needed to be quarantined into a single room and avoid contact with any other pets, children, or people who were not vaccinated against rabies. Because of this, Jorah had to stay at the shelter for the duration of his rabies quarantine, so our staff had to get creative when it came to making sure that this pup got plenty of attention, enrichment, and affection during his stay.

While receiving veterinary care and waiting out his rabies quarantine at the shelter, Jorah quickly became a staff favorite. Amidst treatment for arthritis, hip dysplasia, and a number of other medical ailments, Jorah got to spend lots of time with the rabies-vaccinated staff here at Lollypop Farm, all of whom fell in love with him. When Jorah was able to spend time outside, staff members always brought along his favorite toy – a tennis ball!

Jorah’s absolute favorite thing to do outside was play with tennis balls!

In the late summer, Jorah’s luck changed –a foster volunteer stepped forward to take him from the shelter for a few weeks! Fayme C., a veterinary intern, had just the right setup at home to care for Jorah and make sure to meet his very specific rabies hold needs. “He was really good!” Fayme said. “He was his quiet old self and seemed very attached to me. I was so glad I was able to take him!” Jorah returned to the shelter refreshed and ready to finish out the last few weeks of his long quarantine.

Jorah was able to spend a few weeks in a foster home towards the end of his rabies hold.

Finally, in September, Jorah’s rabies hold was up! He was feeling and looking great, and cleared of any suspicion of the dangerous disease. But just because Jorah’s quarantine was over didn’t mean that he would necessarily find a home right away. At 10 years old, Jorah needed a very special type of adopter who was willing to open their heart to a dog in need. He still had a number of medical issues: arthritis, hip dysplasia, dental issues, and a heart murmur. But we knew the right person for Jorah was out there somewhere.

On September 27th, Jorah finally found his person. Joyce C. came to Lollypop Farm to take this sweet boy home. She adopted Jorah free of cost through the Seniors-for-Seniors adoption program. Adopters over the age of 60 can enjoy so many benefits when they choose to share their lives with senior pets. Research tells us that companion animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ease loneliness and depression, increase physical activity, and in turn, improve overall health. A win-win for Joyce and Jorah!

It was a long time coming – but we knew right from the start that Jorah’s long stay at Lollypop Farm would be worth it in the end. Now this sweet pup has spent his first holiday season at home with his new family, and we’re certain there were a few new tennis balls waiting for him under the Christmas tree.

Finally, in September of this past year, Jorah headed to his happy home.

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