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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

An article was published recently in USA Today and other media sources questioning the safety of Seresto collars, a popular flea and tick treatment for many pets in North America. As a result, many owners are questioning whether to use this product for their pets. At this time The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) continues to allow the use of this product and advises owners of the importance of following the label directions when applying the collar.

Lollypop Farm encourages pet owners to discuss the benefits and risks of any product with your pet’s veterinarian.

Seresto collars were approved for use in 2012. Since then, approximately 25 million pets have received protection from fleas and ticks using this product with only 0.3% adverse effects reported. The most common adverse effect is a rash around the collar area. Fleas and ticks transmit many diseases that can cause severe disease for our pets. The use of this collar may also prevent the risk of these diseases. Any medical preventative measure such as vaccinations, administration of flea and tick prevention, pharmaceuticals, and other medical interventions have the potential for adverse side effects

Currently, there is no actual proof that the deaths attributed to Seresto collars are a direct result of the use of this product and the EPA continues to monitor this situation. At this time, there’s no scientific evidence that would cause us to definitely advise you against the use of this product and we leave it to your discretion to continue to do so. We strongly encourage you to discuss the benefits and risks of any pet product with your pet’s veterinarian.

However, if you have any questions, we advise you to contact ELANCO, the maker of Seresto collars at 1-800-255-6826. Their specialists will answer any questions you may have.

Guest blog written by Dr. Cristina Cadavieco