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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

At Lollypop Farm, it’s not just about placing pets into new homes; it’s about supporting pet owners to create meaningful bonds with their companion pets. In addition to working with the thousands of pets in the shelter, the Lollypop Farm Behavior and Training team provide advice, private consultations, and dog training classes to people looking to better their relationship with their pet.  After a move that left Brianna Sparhuber’s first dog, Sammie, territorial and protective she reached out to Lollypop Farm for a behavior consultation and one-on-one training. Her experience was so positive that when Brianna adopted her new puppy Jordy, she knew just where to go for training.

Just a month after he came home, Bri and Jordy began attending Lollypop Farm’s training classes focused on positive training techniques.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Brianna had always been interested in the therapeutic benefits of animal. Jordy had a sweet disposition, but with any smart, strong-willed puppy she knew it would take training and time before he could become a Pet Assisted Therapy dog. Just one month after Jordy came home, they attended Lollypop Farm’s training classes focused on positive training techniques. Brianna and Jordy were dedicated to their training, consistently practicing what they learned at pet-friendly locations in the community.

About a year later, Brianna and Jordy were accepted into the Lollypop Farm Pet Assisted Therapy volunteer program. With the support of the training and community outreach staff, they began going to community events and schools help provide the positive effects of animal interaction, that pet lovers like you experience every day, to people out in the community. “Jordy is great with kids, and I appreciate the opportunity to help kids learn how to interact safely, appropriately, and kindly towards dogs,” say Brianna.   And of course Jordy loves it too, since he enjoys all the belly rubs!

Through training at Lollypop Farm, Bri and Jordy have learned to work together and are now a Pet Assisted Therapy team.

Your support helps make our Pet Assisted Therapy program possible. These 52 volunteers go out to retirement homes, hospices, colleges, and community events to help people all over the community. With your support, the dedicated volunteer team completed over 200 visits in 2016 spreading the joys of the human-animal bond to over 9,000 people in the Rochester area.