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Humane Society of Greater Rochester

My crooked smile is just one of the many reasons that the staff here at Lollypop Farm find me absolutely adorable!

Hello world, I’m Spencer! I’m a 3-year-old English Bulldog mix, and I came to Lollypop Farm in June. My people felt that I needed more attention than they were able to give me – and that’s okay! Sometimes when pet owners realize that they aren’t able to care for their animals, they try to do what is best and bring them to places like Lollypop Farm.

There’s nothing better than a stroll around the Farm Walk!
I love meeting farm yard friends during my walks outside with a dog walker volunteer!

I love my daily walks around the farm. There are so many farm yard friends to meet, smells to smell, and sights to see! The dog walker volunteers say that I’m a very good boy, and even let me stop to watch the horses while they munch on hay.

Treat time, please!

When I go for walks, I learn all about walking nicely on a leash with my human friend. My walks usually end with a nice volunteer telling me that I’m a “good boy” and giving me a tasty treat! My friends here at Lollypop Farm believe in positive reinforcement training. When I do something good, I get a yummy reward and lots of pets. This shows me that I’m behaving in a way that makes the staff very happy, and you bet I’m going to do that good behavior again! Did you know that dog training classes are offered at Lollypop Farm? Your pup at home can learn all about being a good boy too!

Tired out after a fun enrichment activity.

Man, I’m tired out! See, it’s important to exercise my mind, too. Me and my furry friends at Lollypop Farm get to do training and enrichment activities with fun humans in the Behavior Department! Today I had to figure out how to get tasty treats of out this toy that moves around – making me really think about how to best score a nibble! Sometimes, treats are hidden in boxes and put all over the floor, and I have to use my nose to seek out the treats.

What a day! Thanks for following my adventures. Now, nap time!

Now comes the time of day when I kick back, relax, and meet new people that visit Lollypop Farm looking to bring home a furry family member! I love to smile and wiggle wiggle wiggle at everyone that stops at my kennel to say hello. After a long, busy day, there’s nothing better than a snooze. I think I’ll probably be dreaming about finding my perfect family and going home soon.

Did you enjoy following along with my adventures today? Consider adopting one of my furry friends:

I’d like to give big sloppy kisses to everyone that’s supporting me while I wait to find a new home. Have you thought about joining Lollypop Farm’s Fur-Ever Yours monthly giving program? A little each month makes a big difference for pets like me.

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